About Kate

Kate us an actor, a union stagehand, designer, and coach. She chooses theatre as her life's work because we constantly prove creating other worlds *is* possible. Consequently, it's her quest in life & art to inspire & create the world she wants to live in, one beautiful, supportive, and sustainable through tragedy and pain. Some sexy credits include: back up dancer for Salt-n-Pepa in CityKid's Foundation Tenth Anniversary Gala; dancing with President Bill Clinton at the Presidential Summit for America's Future; coaching William Hurt in neutral mask for No Man's Land at Artist's Repertory Theatre; playing The Library Lady in Tomas and the Library Lady with Oregon Children's Theatre; touring ten states, performing for thousands of children with Tears of Joy Theatre in The Reluctant Dragon, Pinocchio, and When Animals Were People; and receiving the Leslie O. Fulton Fellowship. When she's not in a theatre she can be found exploring her surroundings, reading tarot cards and being naked in nature. Check out www.katemura.com for more.