About Kate Faye

Kate Faye Cummings is a performer, producer, director, and lover of the arts. She is the founder of Cause Cabaret, an organization dedicated to using the arts to not only elevate people spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, but to elevate them out of poverty, oppression, and tragedy.

Kate Faye believes that the purpose of art is so much more than entertainment; it is a means to education, enlightenment, cooperation, and understanding - a way to bring people together across racial, cultural, geographical, political, and monetary divides and to provide a lens into another world.

She has performed with several companies around Portland, including in FUSE's productions of Cabaret and The Pursuit of Happiness, Funhouse Lounge's Die Hard: The Musical Parody, Post5's Jesus Christ Superstar, and Portland Actors Ensemble's As You Like It. Kate Faye also performs improv, and has a special place in her heart for musical theatre. She moved to Portland in 2015 and is so happy to have found a home amidst the vibrant arts community in the City of Roses.